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No executive role has a greater impact on the success of a business than that of the chief executive. As businesses and organisations continue to face challenging market conditions, demand for the best executive leadership talent has and will continue to outstrip supply, resulting in an ongoing global talent shortage.

There continues to be an increasing demand for executives with not just the right experience, but also the right leadership competencies and traits to meet the current and future requirements of their roles and organisations.

Our Executive Leadership Practice provides advice and guidance on identifying, assessing, selecting and onboarding the very best executive leadership.


Executive leaders continue to face some interesting challenges and trends including:

These challenges and trends continue to have a significant impact on the Chief Executive and other executive leadership roles. We continue to see tenure remaining at historically low levels and a continuing shift in the balance of power away from organisations and to the best talent, forcing organisations to constantly improve and innovate their approach to identifying, attracting, retaining and developing that talent.

Functional Roles

Our Executive Leadership Practice specialises in supporting and sourcing talent for business in the following areas:

Practice Lead

Phillip Guest

Phillip started his career at KPMG. He was Head of Finance for Guinness Australasia, part of Diageo plc, before moving into one of the largest, international recruitment firms as Chief Financial Officer for the Asia Pacific Region. Phillip was promoted Chief Executive of the Australian business and ultimately was responsive for Australia, New Zealand and Japan, managing a region with 400 staff across 8 offices. He has over 20 years of experience in the Asia Pacific talent management industry.

Executive Leadership Practice

Salary Guide Calculator

This Salary Calculator provides an indicative guide of salary packages, base salary and superannuation for executive roles in each of Pacific Talent Partner’s Practice areas. For the Sales Practice, we have also provided an estimate of on-target earnings. Once all options have been selected, the calculator will provide an indicative guide of the minimum, average and maximum salary packages associated with selected executive roles.

See link for the basis upon which this information has been prepared.

To watch our video which provides a guide to Executive Remuneration, please click here.

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