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The role of the marketing function, which now incorporates a strong digital element, remains critical to business success. In today’s changing world, marketing leaders face increasing pressure not only to respond to evolving customer demands, but also to deliver commercial results and show clear return on investment, adopting a new mix of tools and recalibrating their teams to meet changing market conditions.

The demand for high-performing marketing leaders remains high, with particular demand for those who are able to leverage the power of digital, and recruit and build top teams.

Our Marketing and Digital Practice brings extensive search experience and considerable insight into what it takes to succeed in today’s changing commercial landscape.


The clients we represent continue to identify candidates who have a clear vision and strategy for marketing in a digital, omnichannel, and innovation-driven environment. Those CMOs who genuinely drive interconnectedness across the C-suite and those who can keep pace with the rapidly evolving skill set necessary are the ones achieving the greatest success in the current climate.

Companies in every industry are digitising their operations, and many are struggling to find the talent they need to do so. Companies that are good at filling their digital talent pipeline go beyond the conventional practices of recruiting from the best schools and poaching from competitors and instead hire people who can develop the skills they need, and then incentivise them to do so. The average life cycle of any given digital skillset is currently two years; this means it is crucial for businesses to hire talent that is agile, adaptable and willing to learn new skills in order to retain them over a long period of time.

In the digital marketing function, there is an increasing value of soft skills just as highly as technical ones. Digital talent should be able to identify problems and generate creative solutions that will bring your business closer to your consumer. Some of the softer skills we have been testing recently include the ability to:

Our Marketing and Digital Practice source exceptional talent for our clients so they can achieve commercial success and future-proof their business models with a strong focus on customer-centricity.

Functional Roles

Our Marketing & Digital Practice specialises in supporting and sourcing talent for businesses in the following areas:

Practice Lead

Elliot Long

Elliot is a Practice Lead with a specialist focus on executive-level and C-suite appointments. Elliot is a former Australian representative athlete and started his career in B2C sales within the high-end residential property space following studies of a degree in economics. From there, it was a natural progression into the executive search industry with a combination of functional knowledge and relationship building skills that has attracted a strong network of senior experts.

Salary Guide Calculator

This Salary Calculator provides an indicative guide of salary packages, base salary and superannuation for executive roles in each of Pacific Talent Partner’s Practice areas. For the Sales Practice, we have also provided an estimate of on-target earnings. Once all options have been selected, the calculator will provide an indicative guide of the minimum, average and maximum salary packages associated with selected executive roles.

See link for the basis upon which this information has been prepared.

To watch our video which provides a guide to Executive Remuneration, please click here.

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