Executive search is a specialised form of Management Consulting where firms source, assess, evaluate and acquire leading executive talent for organisations.

Executive Search firms are exclusively retained by organisations to advise and consult on the sourcing, identification, assessment and selection of executive talent. The leading search firms are engaged with the best and brightest talent and utilise detailed and sophisticated methodologies to source and assess those executives. As partners, their success is measured by the impact that the placed executive has on the organisation and its performance. They are motivated to ensure the best possible outcome for both the client and the executive alike.

Executive Search firms charge a consulting fee or retainer for their services. Unlike other professional services firms such as lawyers and accountants where their fees are based on time spent, Executive Search firms fees are usually based on an agreed proportion of the remuneration package of the sourced executive.

Executive search firms and their consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in sourcing exceptional executive talent. Their functional and industry knowledge together with their extensive networks, ensures they can advise and consult with organisations to identify the very best talent for any given opportunity.

If you need Executive Search support or would like to discuss the various options available to source exceptional talent please contact us here.

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